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"StripXpertease featuring Fearlessly Sexy"

Why Become Fearlessly Sexy?

She's daring. She's seductive. And she's ready for an adventure! She's Fearlessly Sexy, and she knows what she wants from life.

Are you ready to be her?
The sexy, strong woman inside you.

Imagine igniting the passion & desire inside you. Achieve that bold confidence and fearless state of mind. Want to feel sexy? Desire others to desire you?

Let me ignite the irresistible from within every woman, revealing her beauty and strength to embrace herself. It's time to bring your inner sexy to the forefront.

If you are missing that spark in your life, the one that makes you feel alive?
Fearless Revolution will ignite your confidence and energy, empowering you to live fearlessly, passionately, and sexy.

Don't wait another minute. Click here now to discover the true you — sensual, powerful, and sexy!

February 10th 2023 Group Classes


Orisha Re the owner and founder of fearless revolution using a chair as a prop for chair dancing.

Lap Dance
Group Class

This is a flirty lap dance class!

Learn all the details of the strip club style lap dance from positioning your partner for the look of control to how to grind your body on their lap, to sexy vocalizations.  

Midtown West, NYC

Discounts do not apply

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