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Orisha re the owner and founder of fearless revolution smiling.

My Name is Orisha Re' 

I'm your coach, your guide, your secret sauce that you've been craving even if you didn't know this work existed. Because I know what it takes to come alive, get fit, feel sexy and confident, and enjoy every step of the way.


Here's why:

My Story

Before picture of owner and founder Orisha Re.
Orisha re the owner and founder of fearless revolution before picture at 167 lbs.  Weight gained over three years.

I remember the time when I felt disconnected from my body, despite being at the pinnacle of my career Long hours behind the desk, stress-filled days and nights, endless sitting - it all led to a wake-up call I never expected. It was a slow, steady path of disconnecting from my body with the excitement of my success and a job well done.  Then one day, BAM – I endured a broken ankle and went through foot surgery. That was the accelerator to the path of disconnection. Next thing you know, I realized I had gained ten dress sizes. But boy, did that wake me up.  ​The confidence I exuded behind my desk seemed to vanish the second I stood before a group. My exterior didn't reflect the powerful woman I felt inside. I yearned to channel the energy I devoted to work into my own body and being, too. ​I refused to spend my life reminiscing about the past when I felt vibrant and alive. I refused to buy the story we’re sold that in order to be powerful and successful, we have to give up everything that makes life fun and pleasurable. And I absolutely REFUSED to believe I have to give up all the things that made life so sweet, like Tito’s and Dark Chocolate, in order to be strong and healthy.  ​So, I decided to find out how to bring that vibrancy, that sense of being fully alive, into my present and into every age I'll be, and enjoy every step of the process.

Orisha re the owner and founder of fearless revolution after picture 130 lbs.  Maintaining a healthy weight for over six.


I danced. I hired a personal trainer. I embraced a healthier lifestyle. The result? A transformation that went beyond physical appearances.

I connected with my inner self, slowed down, and created space for myself to work through my conditioning and mindset that we all receive. 

It was never about the weight, it was about realizing I was not in my body for years, and I was floating through life. But eventually, with this space and dropping in my body through fitness and sensual movement, I didn't just see my goddess - I felt her.

This journey inspired me to create a space where women can connect with their divine feminine energy while becoming stronger - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

And You know I have the Credentials to back it all!

Orisha re the owner and founder of fearless revolution in animal flow scorpion reach.
description of  Animal Flow, a unique fitness approach that combines elements of Yoga, Capoeira, and Break Dancing. My sessions aim to improve your range of motion, coordination, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and stability.

Animal Flow
Level 1 Certified Instructor

Orisha re the owner and founder of fearless revolution performing a corrective exercise stretch.
As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, certified from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I am equipped to identify and correct imbalances and movement dysfunctions, promoting improved posture, balance, flexibility, and joint stability.

Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

Orisha re the owner and founder using a chair for a prop while wearing platform shoes.  The back of the chair is facing Orisha and she is leaning over it while balancing on the seat of the chair.
StripXpertease, a program created by Kimberly Bakersmith,  involves exotic dance movements and strip tease elements. I use this expertise to teach you low-flow floor work and standing movements, helping you tap into their sexuality and express their divine feminine energy and move in way that gets you fit and flexible, all while feeling hot as all get out AF.

Master StripXpertease Instructor 

Orisha's certifications from the International Fitness Trainers of America equip her to lead group fitness sessions and provide personalized training to individuals.
Orisha Re' leaning up against a weight rack smiling with toned crossed arms.

Certified Group Fitness Leader and Personal Trainer

As a certified coach from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, I empower you to discover your health philosophy and make dietary choices that promote overall wellbeing. This  includes functional medicine, self-care, healthy cooking and budgeting, the role of nutrition in overall wellness, gut health, stress management, and fostering positive relationships.
Owner and founder Orisha Re. Health and Wellness coaching picture.
Health & Wellness Coach
Orisha is trained in neuro-linguistic programming, an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy, which enables her to facilitate the achievement of specific life goals.
Orisha Re coaching a client.
Neuro-Linguistic Programmer
Orisha Re' executing a dance tuck jump with her knees drawn tight to her chest.  Her right arm is pumping high and her left arm is low.
Orisha is certified in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), particularly in Tabata, enabling her to provide intensive, time-efficient workouts.
Tabata (H.I.I.T) Certified

A Taste of the Fearlessly Sexy Training Program

Cynthia P.

A perfect experience that will bring you back to who you are at the core! Leave your negativity and bad self talk at the door, because a session with Orisha will provide a jolt of energy and confidence! A must for ever incredibly busy female professional.

Connie L.

I love the energy Orisha brings to each and every class. It's really infectious and I always learning something new. Orisha is always accommodating and kind and is like no other. She's a great investment that returns to you 10xfold.

Andiela D.

Orisha is definitely the best fitness instructor I’ve had the pleasure to work with! Her fitness classes are carefully constructed to be fun while you are working out.

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