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A Message to NYC Residential Management & Corporations

The world, as we know it, has changed, and so have the needs of your residents and employees. In an era where self-care has been challenged by unforeseen global events, there's a pressing demand for structures that support holistic health within community spaces. 


Enter the Fearless Revolution

Residential group Animal Flow class.
Residential rooftop group sunset stretch glass.

Why Fearless Revolution?

With over 20 years of experience as a commercial and residential general manager, I bring a unique perspective to the table that goes beyond just health and fitness coaching. My deep understanding of the nuances and dynamics of residential communities and corporate structures has provided me with insights into the specific needs, challenges, and aspirations of residents and employees.

Corporate wellness program.  Group rooftop class.

Benefits to Your Community

TAILORED APPROACH: With two decades of hands-on experience in managing residential and commercial spaces, I can customize fitness and wellness programs to resonate with and meet the unique demands of your residents/employees.

STREAMLINED COMMUNICATION: My background ensures I can seamlessly liaise with both the management and residents/employees, ensuring smooth implementation and execution of the program.

RISK MANAGEMENT: Having overseen operations and faced varied challenges in residential and corporate settings, I am equipped to anticipate, understand, and manage any potential risks or obstacles that might arise, ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants.

Residential rooftop group dance cardio class.
Residential garden group stretch class.

Benefits to Your Community

BUILDING COMMUNITY: My past roles have always emphasized community building and fostering relationships. This ethos is deeply ingrained in my approach, ensuring that every session is not just about fitness, but also about creating bonds, understanding, and mutual respect amongst residents/employees. By integrating my vast management experience with my expertise in health and fitness, I offer a program that is not just about exercise and nutrition, but one that holistically enhances the life and spirit of your community.

Program Offerings

The Added Value

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Exclusive Incentives for Partners

Volume Benefits: Avail special rates tailored for expansive properties or multiple property engagements.

Referral Rewards: Advocate our program to another corporation and receive an enticing offer or added services as a token of appreciation.

Co-branded Events: Organize events that resonate with your brand identity, using co-branded materials for a more personalized touch.

Access to Exclusive Content: Gift your resident's unique webinars or resources available only through our collaboration.

Quarterly Health Assessments: Provide tangible, periodic insights into the health progression of your residents, underscoring the efficacy of the program.

Community Reinforcement: Harness community-building events that weave wellness, camaraderie, and mutual growth, from health-centric BBQs to community picnics.

Make the choice for a transformative health initiative that not only promises results but delivers them in the most engaging, inclusive, and evidence-backed manner. Urban Wellness Revolution - where vitality meets community.




66 Rockwell, Brooklyn

Dermot Company

Arabella 101

Tishman Speyer

101 West End Avenue, Lincoln Square

USAA Realty Co

The Landon, Midtown West

220 East 72nd St

The Colorado

Moda Upgraded Living

535 West 43rd St, Midtown West

The Vitagraph, Brooklyn

The Kestral, Brooklyn

The Addison, Brooklyn

Owner & Founder Orisha Re tailored corporate wellness program picture.

[Contact Orisha Re] for a tailored proposal and let's create a thriving community together.

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