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The Best of Both Worlds: Fearlessly Sexy and Animal Flow Movements Combined

People often ask me about Fearlessly Sexy and animal flow combination techniques. How are they both different and similar? Can you learn one without learning the other? At first, I thought it was a silly question, but this kind of query does come up with surprising frequency.

Animal Flow and Sensual Dancing are both becoming big trends these days.

Fearlessly Sexy is my own adaptation of sensual dance in fitness. Sensual dance is a form of erotic entertainment and now a worldwide industry, is one of the most well-known forms of dance in the world. But not many people think about how it came about. It's a popular form of performance art to use different styles and techniques depending on the style.

Combining animal flow and Fearlessly Sexy is a unique way to approach fitness. The two activities are very different, but they both focus on the idea of movement, which makes them natural partners.

Fearlessly Sexy requires an intense amount of focus, which can be hard to come by when you're working out. Animal flow is designed to help you find that focus and keep it throughout your workout. This can help you get more out of your sensual dancing.

Fearlessly Sexy also requires a lot of energy, so it's important to make sure you have enough energy to keep going all day long. Animal flow helps you build up that stamina by getting your heart rate up, burning calories, and keeping your muscles engaged throughout the day (even while doing other activities). This can help you stay energized so that when it comes time for strip dancing, you'll be ready!

Sensual dance has come a long way from the seedy bars and lewd cabarets of the past. As people begin to recognize physical fitness and other positive characteristics, it has become a form of dance taught in the same places as traditional ballroom dance.

What are the Benefits of Fearlessly Sexy?

Probably the initial reason that anyone would want to try to learn Fearlessly Sexy would be simply because they see it as a way to "spice up" their dance workouts. Many workouts have physical benefits such as:

  • Cardio exercise

  • Improved range of motion and flexibility

  • Toned muscles

  • Ability to target specific muscle and joint groups

In addition, many people experience other more psychological benefits of Fearlessly Sexy, such as:

  • Increased body confidence

  • Better sense of rhythm and grace

  • Enjoying the social benefits of their classes

  • Enjoying sharing the intimate form of the dance with their partner

  • Just having fun moving their bodies to the music

What Happens in a Fearlessly Sexy Class?

The number one fear of someone taking a Fearlessly Sexy class is that they will have to step outside of their comfort zone with a new movement that requires the individual to tap into their sexuality and sensuality.

These forms of movement have some resemblance to other forms of dance such as modern, ballet, or jazz.

For example:

  • Core strength - With all the contractions, hip figure eights, and pelvic movements that are involved in Fearlessly Sexy, the abdominal and other core muscles get a huge workout and need to be developed through technique and other exercises.

  • Variation in Rhythm - The ability to slow the body down, focusing attention on the extension of one leg, the sweep of an arm or something like that is a skill that requires a lot of work and development, in exercises similar to barre work in ballet.

  • Poise and Presence - Unlike many dance forms, where the dancer is more the vehicle through which the dance created by a choreographer is expressed, Fearlessly Sexy requires that the dancer herself be present and out there, even if the audience is only their own image in the mirror.

Fearlessly Sexy also involves a lot of changes in level, fro

m standing down to floor work.

Everything you need to know about animal flow work-out.

The animal flow workout doesn't require equipment but is effective when it comes to building strength and stamina.

We all know how important fitness is. Having a regular workout schedule can help you stay physically and mentally healthy. It can help you steer clear of illnesses while regulating your mood and uplifting your confidence.

And so, we all sign up for gym memberships but barely follow through. If your aim is to be more consistent, you need to try out new exercises which are engaging and will also take you closer to your fitness goals. Towards that end, we recommend you try out Animal Flow.

So, what exactly is animal flow?

Much like the term suggests, animal flow involves us moving into poses that mimic the movements of animals. Invented by the famous fitness trainer Mike Fitch, it is a set of exercises aimed at body-weight training. According to Mike:

  • These movements are ground-based

  • Do not require any equipment

  • Can be described as a mixture of gymnastics and yoga

How can animal flow benefit the body?

The animal flow consists of exercises that are fun to do but also require effort from your body that is both physical and mental. It helps build strength, improve flexibility, provide you with better mobility, and aid breath regulation.

Over time, it can have multiple benefits such as:

1. Minimise the risk of injuries

When done before a workout, it can help you avoid injuries by working out the muscles and joints.

2. Help you do exercises that require flexibility with relative ease

By getting your body used to a wider range of motions and expanding mobility, animal flow can help you do exercises requiring flexibility more easily and improve your workout quality

3. Attain control over your breathing

It will help you regulate your breathing and this will also benefit your workout regime.

4. Improve control over your body movements

The animal flow will allow you to understand your body better and control your movements. It will ensure that you can reap the maximum from the exercises you practice regularly.

5. It will increase your stamina

The movements which are a part of the animal flow build strength and regulate breathing. Eventually, it leads to improved stamina and can aid you to go longer at the gym without feeling tired.

What exactly is the animal flow for?

The exercises can be done on a mat without any equipment! They’re low in intensity and relatively easy to do. Hence, can be done by beginners and fitness freaks alike. So, you can include it in your routine, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to get in touch with the natural side of your personality with the Animal Flow!

Get in touch with the fluidity of Animal flow movements.

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In my opinion, Animal Flow can be looked at as a form of dance that involves flowing from one pose to another, often with a focus on the flow of energy through the body.

Animal flow and Fearlessly Sexy can create a truly memorable experience for your audience. The goal of combining these two forms of performance is to create a piece that flows seamlessly from one pose or movement into another without any awkward transitions or pauses in between them. This will give you more time to showcase your skills as an artist while drawing attention away from any perceived weaknesses in either art form alone."

I feel strongly about a woman's need, quest, and desire to find her inner sexy. What is SEXY - Strong Empowerment exuding through you. Sexy is powerful, fun, and exciting. A woman should feel comfortable in her own skin and I would love to help you SINK INTO YOUR SEXY!

Fitness and wellness is a big topic that can be intimidating to someone without the proper insight. It's often hard to know where you should begin or what will get you results. That's what this blog is intended to teach you, how and why.

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