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Corrective Exercise is one of the foundational pieces of a comprehensive exercise program and a key to preventing injuries.  The SLS program focuses on improving imbalances, flexibility, mobility, and building strength.  Classes are virtual or you can meet with a personal trainer servicing locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  

Certified N.A.S.M Corrective Exercise Specialist

Stretch, Lengthen & Strength Program

Let's talk about Myofascial Tissue

Quads, Thigh & Shoulder Exercise

Hip Flexor, Hip & IT Band Exercise

Let's Talk Myofascial Tissue

Biceps, Triceps & Arms

Feet, Ankles & Calves Exercise

Back Exercise & Intro to Foam Rolling

Glute Exercise

Hamstring Exercise

Adductor Exercise

Rib Cage Exercise

Neck Exercise

Rib Cage, Hip, Hamstring & Back Exercise

Tone up Your Legs & Butt w/ The Lunge

Neck & Shoulder

Quick and Effective Hip & Ankle Warmup

Hamstring and Mobility Exercise

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