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How to Turn Your Doubts Into Power

When you question how fearless you are, What's next? This blog focuses on self-doubt as the year is coming to a close.

Have I done enough, am I creating the life I desire, am I moving towards my purpose...It's okay to have doubts, embrace them I do, and then I move.

I'll share with you some of my beliefs, the ones that have gotten me through years of self-doubt and fear. I'll tell you how I learned to transform these feelings into power, joy, and fulfilment.

How do you overcome self-doubt?


Our beliefs are our roadmap for life. They can take us in bold new directions, or they can cause us to feel like we’re just treading water, too scared to go after what we really want. Once you identify what’s holding you back, you can change your mindset.


Our words create our reality – and that includes both the words we say and the words we think. Identifying your limiting beliefs is the first step – now you must fight back against them. Changing your self-talk is a powerful way to turn self-doubt into self-confidence.


Discovering how to overcome self-doubt means giving more power to your desires than to your fears.


Find someone who has what you want and emulate them. Practice peer elevation as well: Minimize relationships that bring negativity into your life and surround yourself with positivity and support instead.


Stop making excuses. Stop seeking advice from every friend and acquaintance. Start working toward real, actionable goals. It’s okay to start small. The more you achieve, the more you will build confidence and eliminate self-doubt for good.

How fearlessly will you step into the next year in your life?
Feelings of self-doubt stopping you from reaching your full potential?

Fearlessly, my friend, fearlessly. And when you have doubts and fears, use them to fuel your motivation, not discourage you. Remember that failure is only a temporary setback and that even in the aftermath of failure, there are lessons to be gleaned from it. And remember, fear should never be your master. So get up and get going.

Let's face it, self-doubt sucks. It's a bitter pill to swallow when we feel like our dreams are getting further and further away from us instead of being brought closer to us by our own actions.

But you know what? You can overcome self-doubt. You can achieve your dreams because you're still here reading this, which means you haven't given up yet. So keep moving, keep pushing yourself in the direction of your dreams, because it will be worth it, I swear. You deserve to live a life that makes you happy, and you can do it, but you have to be willing to make some changes inside your own head first.

Some of my beliefs include a deep appreciation for the people I've met along the way, including you and this opportunity.

What I want is to partner with you to build a long-lasting health and fitness relationship here @ Fearless Revolution.

Stay tuned for my blogs about how Movement and Fearlessly Sexy can help with your Focus and its connection to your Body and Mind.

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