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Sexy, confident, and fearless – learn it all with Fearless Revolution

You are a woman!! Perhaps it's time to get fearless and unleash that sexy woman inside of you — without even trying, I might add! The foundation of all paths to sexy is having a healthy body, mind, and heart. Having a healthy diet and exercising regularly (even just walking) will help bring out your inner sex goddess…fearlessly.

Are you afraid that you can't become a Fearlessly Sexy Woman? If so, you're in good company — we all feel out of balance at times. It's okay, but it's also not okay. A lot of people are getting stuck in their fear of change and fear of failure, and for that reason, many of us don't try at all. Today I'm going to discuss how and why to become Fearlessly Sexy.

Take command of your total health and be fearless. It’s never too late to improve your health and transform your life.

This article is for women who want to get fit but are worried about being judged for going to the gym or working out in front of other people. Instead of fearing judgment from other people in the gym, you will learn how to change your mindset first, and then stop fearlessly working out.

10 Things Fearless Women Do

Fearless women — as they say, we all know one, raised one, or are one. You can just feel certain energy when a confident woman walks into the room. There is something so powerful and mysterious about a confident woman — she has a fascinating appeal to her. A confident woman draws people towards her without even intending to do so. What is it that is so intriguing and captivating about a confident woman? Here are 10 things we could learn from fearless women.

  1. They live their own truth and make their own rules. They are not afraid to go against societal norms regarding whether or when they should have children, get married, or do things by a certain age, etc. They create their own timelines for themselves and do not feel the need to conform to societal standards.

  2. They are not afraid to take risks. They are not listening to others' fears, also known as “background noise,” about why they cannot or should not do things. They have a bucket list of personal and career goals. And they are constantly checking that list off one by one.

  3. They don’t second guess their decisions. They realize there are no right or wrong decisions. They make the best decision available to them at the time based on the information they have. Once they make their decision, they don’t look back.

  4. They invest in themselves. They realize their body is their temple and that is the only one they have. They put their physical and mental health first. They do not feel guilty taking care of themselves, whether it is going shopping, getting a haircut, or relaxing with a massage. They realize they deserve it.

  5. They genuinely want others to succeed. At their very core, they want to see other people succeed. They don’t need to put others down in order to make themselves look better. They already know their own self-worth.

  6. They don’t over or under apologies. They know when to own their actions. They take responsibility for their actions. However, they don’t apologize for being firm and assertive or standing up for what they believe in.

  7. They surround themselves with confident people. List your five closest friends. This is a reflection of who you are.

  8. They know when to walk away. Whether this is in business or relationships, they know when to walk away. They recognize when they are giving too much of themselves and when the relationship is either toxic or no longer serving them. Most importantly, they realize when they are not getting a good return on investment.

  9. They own their truth. Whether this is done in therapy or through other spiritual means, strong women are not afraid to seek their own truth. They have done the work necessary to look within themselves, face their fears and accept that the past does not have to dictate their future.

  10. They believe they are worthy. Whether it is for a job promotion, in love, for their health, etc., they genuinely believe deep down that they are worthy of receiving.

Know more about how to be your FEARLESS self today.

Why should you explore your sensuality?

Sensuality is the ability to enjoy our senses: smell, sight, touch, taste, and hearing to the fullest. Sensual things make us feel physically good, be it delicious food, sunrises, massages…you name it!

Sensual Movement on the other hand refers to moving your body in a sensual way, which makes you feel good at that moment. It is reconnecting to your body, purpose, and sensual power through dance. Sensual movement requires you to use all the senses to gain a heightened sense of body awareness.

Sensuality Vs Sexuality

Sensuality and sexuality concepts are not the same but interconnected.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, sensuality is the expression of physical (especially sexual) pleasure or satisfaction. As much as this might be true, I’d like to point out that sexuality can be sensual but does not equate to sensuality.

Even though sensuality boosts your sexuality, it is beyond the bedroom. It is about paying attention to your five senses and deriving pleasure from the experiences. It is more of being in the present and taking in life around you. Sensuality is a mindset and not entirely about sex.

Sensuality teaches you to slow down and indulge in the beauty of life. To be present to enjoy the juices and ecstasy of life. It reminds you that you are human and that you should take in everything that’s around you to the fullest.

Emotional acceptance

Awareness of your surroundings through the senses will teach you emotional acceptance. You learn that there is nothing more to your emotions than just information. When you are in touch with all your senses, you know yourself, your triggers and patterns, and what brings and does not bring satisfaction.

Confidence and Self-esteem

Sensuality brings self-awareness which, in turn, cultivates confidence and self-esteem. With self-confidence, you can bounce back faster when facing life hardships.

Expressing Yourself through Sensual Movement

Sensual movement is one of the various you can connect with your sensuality. Unfortunately, many of us women have been raised in environments that perceive sensuality as negative.

Society gives us confusing messages and standards of what is and isn’t ‘appropriate’. There is shame around embracing our sensuality and sexuality, making it difficult to step into our sensual bodies.

You should realize that you are innately sensual and, therefore, find a safe space where you can express yourself without the fear of judgment. Start the practice by setting up enough room where you can move freely and without disturbance.

This practice is personal, therefore you can experiment with what feels good. Whether you use a mat, sit on a chair or practice while standing, put on soft lights or do it in darkness, burn candles or incense, or practice in front of a mirror…it is entirely up to you.

Reasons You Should Practice Sensual Movement

By incorporating sensual movement practice into your life you get to enjoy the following benefits;


Sensual movement is a slow and gentle form of exercise and like all other exercises, it produces endorphins. Endorphins are good for relieving stress and anxiety and promoting good health and wellness.

Improves Confidence

This practice provides a deep sense of connection with your sensuality. It makes you feel attractive and desirable, thereby increasing self-confidence.

Releases stuck energy

During the practice, any sensation thought or emotion can be expelled from your body. You learn to embrace it, dance with it, and finally, let it go when you are ready. This brings a sense of peace after every practice.

Increases Sexual Confidence

Sensual movement helps you learn your body language. When you understand what feels good for your body, you become more embodied as a human, therefore, capable of being sexually confident.

Sensuality is a powerful life force that helps you connect with the deeper self and others. Discovering the power of sensual movement can change the course of your life from learning to appreciate your body to indulging in your pleasure.

Sensual movement is the ultimate way to connect with your body. The best news is that you can engage in things to spark your sensuality, which is an essential aspect of health and well-being.

Engage in sensual habits to make you feel much more alive and playful. Also, you can enroll in sensual movement dance classes for guidance and motivation.

Get in touch with the fluidity of Animal flow movements.

For more ways to live your best life plus all things fitness and wellness. Check out our exercise coaching and training videos.

Being either sexy or fearless can be tough. It doesn't matter what you do, being fit is just difficult sometimes. If you want to get into better shape, then you're going to want to have my coaching and exercise training guide. I'll share with you the best way to get really fit and stay that way.

Change, of any kind, is scary. And as a woman, change within yourself can come with even more pressures and fears. This is especially true when talking about physical fitness and health.

Can you make fitness fun, sexy and vibrant? Anyone who has ever stepped foot into a gym knows it can be a lonely, scary and mundane environment. But, hey! I wanted you to experience being Fearless and Sexy here at Fearless Re’volution – and we promise that we make working out fun and sexy!

Learn how to love your body again.

Fitness and wellness is a big topic that can be intimidating to someone without the proper insight. It's often hard to know where you should begin or what will get you results. That's what this blog is intended to teach you, how and why.

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