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Alexa Young, Product Manager

glisten with jac

Orisha has helped me in many ways with my tricky health. I struggle with GI and connective tissue disorders. It is great to have someone who is well versed in both retraining the body to function as it should physically as well as internally. I will continue to work with Orisha as my diet needs to change and my body continues to adjust.

Jacklyn Kinslow, Founder + Reiki Master at Glisten With Jac

Alexa Young, Product Manager

I experienced going to the gym and immediately get bored as I don't feel I am valued over the course of time. Orisha makes sure she holds her clients accountable to their goals and she makes getting fitter fun! I would definitely work with her if I were you.

Cris Pascua, Product Manager

Testimonial number three.
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Alexa Young, Product Manager


Orisha helped me get back to working out after quarantine and over a year of no exercise. She paid attention to my needs and eased me slowly back. In just one short month with her, I saw my progress grow immensely. She is also a great motivator and knows the human body and what needs to be done to get the most out of each exercise movement. I highly recommend Orisha!

Selma Vega, Beauty Specialist (Makeup & Hair Removal)

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